1. A new tourism quality control system to be launched in Abu Dhabi later this year.
  2. This system will contain a licensing framework and 10 quality standard manuals.
  3. It aims to boost the quality of tourism in the emirate

In the quest to enhance its status of offering ‘ world-class’ tourism, Abu Dhabi is set to introduce new tourism quality controls. As per The Department of Culture and Tourism (DCT) Abu Dhabi, a licensing framework and quality standards will be launched and implemented in the latter part of the year. At first, they will be tested during the trial period. And it will be implemented on every product and service offered in the tourism sector in the emirate.

The major function of the establishment of this quality control system would be to improve the standards of tourism while maintaining transparency. Other than that, it aims to increase the demand for tourism products and services globally, improve the quality of tourism in Abu Dhabi, and promote competitiveness. According to DCT Abu Dhabi, the pilot phase of this system is currently rolling out. However, it isn’t until later this year, it will be fully implemented with its entire framework.

Authorities believe that the onset of this establishment will help to support the tourism sector, on the whole, facilitate its growth by improving the experience of visitors. Furthermore, a transparent business environment that will be created with the help of this establishment will also help to grow the sector.

This planned quality control system and framework will include ten quality standard manuals. Different tourism attractions, services and products, including but not limited to live events, adventure activities, cultural sites, amusement parks, etc., will use these standard manuals. Key inputs were gathered from over 80 international sources for designing this framework. Furthermore, feedback from discussions taken place in stakeholders’ consultation sessions was also taken into account for this purpose.

Nawal Rashid Al Hassani, who serves as Strategy and Planning Sector’s executive director at DCT Abu Dhabi, is of the view that this new licensing framework and quality standards together make for a comprehensive agenda that will include guidelines for maintaining/improving the quality in the tourism sector. The ulterior motive, according to her, is the development and growth of the tourism sector in the emirate.

She further believes that the introduction of the new framework along with its detailed manuals is going to encourage the business in this sector to maintain a minimum standard for quality that will be on par with the international metrics. As per her, the emirate’s modern tourism offerings are elevating its position as a world-class destination for tourism that is safe for every individual. And with the implementation of this system, it will become even more popular with both local and international tourists. 

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