We live hard in our living rooms – be it for reading, relaxing, entertaining or just having a chat, it’s probably the most multi-functional of all rooms in a villa in Dubai.

You can breathe new life into your living room, even when you’re on a budget. Here are 10 ways to decorate it for little or perhaps no money.

1. “Nicecycle”:

What’s lingering in your closet? Take a good look at what you have that has some visual appeal. Be it a travel souvenir, a collection of family photos, books or perhaps even an old kimono, they’re great ways to add color and elevate the mood of the room.

2. Upcycle furniture:

Don’t give up on that battered old chair or footstool just yet. Reupholster them! Repaint or replace door and drawer knobs or apply a coat or two of paint to your table, chairs and dull alcove shelves for a fresh, new look.

3. Rearrange décor:

Moving furniture around can be an instant lift-me-up for a living room in a villa in Dubai. Try placing the desk by a window, the couch by the television or move art to different walls to change the mood.

4. Paint:

It’s one of the cheapest tweaks you can make to switch up space. Instead of repainting the entire room, try painting just the insides of bookshelves or just one wall.

5. Wall stickers:

Choose big, bold designs and use them to accentuate features such as a painting or mirror. Not only are they affordable, they’re also easy to apply and easy to take down if you fancy a change in your living room in a villa in Dubai.

6. Change the frames:

Decorate a wall with frames of varying shapes and sizes or unexpected wall fixtures such as a glass vase filled with flowers or colored pebbles or just left as is, to make the room interesting.

7. Roll out the carpet:

A small, printed rug can add a warm, decorative element to your living room and is a great way to decorate on the cheap.

8. Throws:

Throws add a dash of color, are perfect to snuggle under and instantly refresh a tired room.

9. Go green:

Always try to make an eco-friendly home environment by buying fresh flowers and add up. So pick up realistic faux florals – they make any room feel livelier. Better still, plant some aromatic herbs and place them in a colorful window box for a quick room update.

10. Change the lighting:

Replace an old lampshade with a bright one. Or just clean the ones you’ve got! If the lamp you have doesn’t match the décor, hide it behind a piece of furniture so that your room can still enjoy the light.

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