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فيلا للبيع في فلل جست كافالي, أكويا أكسجين, دبي

الرقم المرجعي : 523-Vl-S-47017 | 3 4 2100 قدم مربع
درهم 1,300,000
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About JustCavalli Villas

Exotic and extraordinary: this is what makes Just Cavalli villas distinct from other residences.

Designed with strong themes by the famous Just Cavalli brand (by fashion designer Roberto Cavalli),

These daring homes are perfect for people who love to challenge the ordinary.

It is exactly positioned close to the 17th hole of the golf course, which makes the villas location more valuable.

The interiors of these luxury villas are designed with experimental prints and wild wallpapers which complement its unconventional furniture pieces.

The project is also the only villa type in Dubai with an actual roof terrace.

Step outside and see more alluring patterns in the homes facade and catwalks, taking you to a unique yet tranquil setting.

You can also appreciate nature at the comfort of your own home as the villas are built with a rooftop garden ideal for play and relaxation.

Access a wide selection of amenities like a fitness club, dancing fountains, entertainment facilities and luxury shops a few blocks from your doorstep.

One can also spend some leisure time over golf in the communities international golf course. Just Cavalli villas are also located near major road

networks that allows easy access to different parts of Dubai.

Amenities and Facilities

  • Playground Areas
  • Sport Facilities
  • Schools & Nurseries
  • Parking
  • Nature & Parks
  • Security
  • Shopping
  • SPA
  • Swimming Pool
  • Childrens Playground
  • Cafs
  • Entertainment
  • Fitness
Direct from the developer/ Zero Comission

For information and booking Please call or what's app

Majed Khalili

إظهار رقم الهاتف

Email : إرسال بريد إلكتروني

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درهم 1300000
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درهم 325
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